Game is a mixed bag for me

User Rating: 7 | Sonic Adventure 2 DC

I'm really mixed on this question: Is this game good?

Yes and nah.


-The Chao Garden was undoubtedly one of the best things in this game

-It had an interesting story.

-It had excellent bosses.


-Glitches, like in Shadow the hedgehog and most of the games released at the time.

-Graphics are awful, period.

I would honestly recommend you to watch Sonic X instead of bothering playing this.

I will also add that this game has spawned a group of very awful and scary fanboys that call themselves the Sonic Adventure fans. Saying their names is as cursed as saying "Voldemort" or "Maltazard".

Here it goes: Al Jerico (The Den, Mischivous Yroo, aurtis89), DarkSonic180 (SonicTeam765), Monkey D Luffy, Xcalibur or even Hunter. Remember those names it may save your life, but never say them out loud.