An outstanding game and an embodiment of the Sonic spirit, this game is one of the best Sonic games out there.

User Rating: 9.7 | Sonic Advance 2 GBA
Sonic team delivers an outstanding piece of work with Sonic Advance 2. It has that extra something, and captures the Sonic spirit perfectly. It adds the speed that Sonic Advance 1 lacked, and speed is a vital part of any Sonic game. I didn't find the actual game to be harder than Sonic Advance 1, although fully completing it with all chaos emeralds is quite challenging. Getting to the special stage involves five special rings, hidden across every stage. This is at times very tedious, but I think that just adds extra challenge to the game. You can choose between all of the good old characters, with Sonic, Knuckles and Tails obviously present. It also adds Cream the rappit, who is the silliest character in the Sonic universe, with the possible exception of Big the cat. It also has one hidden character as one of the rewards for collecting chaos emeralds. There is also the tiny chao garden, a sort of minigame where you can raise a chao, and it has two minigames where you can win rings. It's not really anything big, but if you have a Gamecube and the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle game you can transfer your chao from the tiny chao garden to SA2B's chao world. Some rare chao can be easier to get this way. Sonic Adventure 2 is all good sides and no bad sides. The graphics are great, giving Sonic and his friends a speedy look. The "burst mode" animations in particular are very cool. The music is nice, and the sounds are the classic ones, the jump and ring sounds easily recognizable. The only thing that gets close to being a minus is the sometimes extremely tedious process of getting all the special rings in a stage, but hey, what would a game be without a proper challenge?