Farby one of the best games sonic has ever seen.

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Advance 2 GBA
This game brings sonic back to his glory days before his games started to suck (Sonic Heroes for example) . this game is so faithfull to the one true sonic (once again, the original one). the game is really fun.

The Good: Original sonic characters playable> so fast paced youll be flying off the screen(literally)> side scrolling is what sonic was meant for, and this is a perfect example> some original enemies from classic sonic games> levels are short and to the point> great music> the attack button isnt really needed, but a great touch> getting all the emblems is challenging, but really pays offin the end> the boss battles actually were able to be fun because its always moving, so youre always trying to think tour next decision>

The Bad: Nothing bad about this game except that you have to unlock chao garden.

Final Comments: This game rocks hardcore,and also the trick system is really cool