The shear difficulty of Sonic Advance 2 made it very hard to want to play the game, but overall its a good experience.

User Rating: 7.7 | Sonic Advance 2 GBA
As I have said in reviews before, I love 2D sonic games, and its going to be hard to find one that I don't like. The same goes for Sonic Advance 2, I like it, but I hate that I like it. This game can easily be seen as a simple addition to the first in the series. With very few chages, one being the "double jump" thing at the peak of you jump and the other being that all boss battles are played while running at full speed, Sonic Advance 2 doesn't break any new ground, nore does it spoil the classic formula. I hate that it plays like all other Sonic games but I would be disappointed if it played any other way (see Sonic 3D Blast). If you like Sonic buy it, if you don't steer clear, it's that simple.