Great sezuel,but some things are kinda...wrong...

User Rating: 7.7 | Sonic Advance 2 GBA
First of all,I thought this game was pretty good.But looking back...somethings couldve been there to make it better.
The Good:
This is much better than Sonic advance 1,it has more attacks and more grinding,plus the ability to do tricks in the air!
More speed,more interest,more action.
Plus the new charecter Cream is included!
And the choa garden has been fixed up nicely,no more retated Rock,Paper,Scissors game! Now its been replaced with a Trampoline game!
The bad:Sure it was a great game,and more speed!
But,what I thought was...TO MUCH SPEED!
The levels are full of cool speed couses,but less obsticles or enimies.
You never get to just run around avoiding enimies or just jumping around.NO.Instead you get blocked by a wall and have to kill one enimy and find a spring right next to you,jump on it,and go off on another 5 min of speed and holding right on the control pad for almost the whole GAME!!!

Great sezuel,I reccomend it.But if youre more of an action hard core sonic kinda person.
Get Sonic Advance 3.