This game adds more speed to the action!

User Rating: 9.1 | Sonic Advance 2 GBA
Sonic Advance 2 delivers a lot more action and speed into to the series. This could even be better than the classic days.

Story: Eggman once again is planning a scheme to conquer the world. Sonic decided to go on ahead and foil his plans before problems get worse.

Game Design: As mentioned before Sonic Advance 2 is much faster than the previous game. The game will once again be split into different zones; each zone will have 2 courses and a boss battle in the end. There were also some scenes with dialogues added to the game but they are only 2 slides and are rarely viewed. Game play: You get to play as Sonic and the game introduces a new character named Cream the Rabbit. Cream is a flight type just like tails, except that she uses her ears to fly and her partner Chocola Chao to attack. You can later on unlock Knuckles and Tails. Characters can now go on speed bursts, which makes them run at insane speed. Just like the previous game there are lots of summersaults, bouncers and many classic Sonic items such as rings and medals. The stages were also extended in order to meet with the speed burst demands so you will enjoy many insanely fast loops and bounces, you will probably completely lose track of the character and get totally out of control, just like the same feeling I had when I first played a Sonic game. Sound: The music is really great; it has this speedy tone which can get you really pumped up. Classic Sonic sound effects are also back.

The game delivers a better sense of high speed, the Sonic Advance series surely demonstrates what a true Sonic game really is!