review 17

User Rating: 3.5 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
sonic 3d blast. say that 3 times.3d was one of the most amazing
things of video games but in the 1990s not many were made
expect very late 90s when Nintendo 64 and PlayStation came.
well in 1996 we got a 3d sonic game.the gameplay is poor.i rather
drink melted poop while being trapped in ice with Freddy Kruger.
wow i just said the strangest thing ever.anyway the 3d is not good
and you call this 3d its 2d.Ive seen games like this on the nes and
that was 8 why call it 3d blast if its not even 3d.what the what.
also this game is in my top 5 worst sonic games.the worst is sonic
the hedgehog for 3600.anyway this is a pretty easy game expect
the 3d stuff.what the heck were they thinking.okay its time to crank
up the anger when i play sonic 3d blast for game this
bad game for hand-held.someone kill me.BAM.JUST KIDDING.
im not dead.anyway its the same thing but a little harder and
more smaller.get it smaller then a Sega genesis.never mind that
was a stupid joke.well that's it for 3d blast.thank god review 18
will be a other Halloween game and im not goona tell you.HEY SON.omg its my dad.HES NEXT REVIEW IS FRIDAY THE 13TH
FOR NES.what the heck dad!!!