this game could be so much better.

User Rating: 5.3 | Sonic 3D Blast PC
This sonic game is very ambitious, you play sonic on some island trying to get hold of htese little creatures and put them inside a ring which sounds a lot of fun but isnt really all that good. This game could have been amazing if this game played a bit better, if there was more to do and if it wasnt so frustrating. because its an isometric view, its hard to pin-point your jumps on your enemies and carrying those little flickies about isnt all that much fun. This game has one mode and its not all that good. this game gets harder and harder. you will reach a point where you just give up on the game and leave it unfinished, this game is a pain. the bosses become invincible. there are traps you cannot avoid and jumping is a pest, this game should be so much better. Sonic isnt at his best here, this game should be missed, this game is just frustrating and very ambitious. leave this game untouched.