It’s Sonic in 3D, but then again not really.

User Rating: 5 | Sonic 3D Blast PC
It is like wise understandable that SEGA wanted to move Sonic into 3D, but it should have been done in a way not to influence the core game play it self.

Story: Dr Robotnik caused trouble for the small animals. The small animals have scattered through out the Island and its up to Sonic to bring them back home safely.

Game design: Well first of all, although the game plays as a 3D game its isn’t exactly 3D, its really sprites that were perfectly animated to make the game look more 3D. That is not to say the graphics are bad, in fact the graphics look good and how SEGA pulled this off is impressive.

Game play: This is where everything goes down. You won’t be speeding around levels and performing loops like you usually do in Sonic games. Your goal is to collect every last animal and bring them back into this ring, which will bring you to another section of the area and collect more animals, in the end of each area there is a showdown with Robotnik. If it was made like this as a side effect of the game’s graphical improvement or was an attempt to bring Sonic to a different game category it failed all together, since the game play will become repetitive very early and as you advance the animals will become even more harder to find and you will take a while to finish a single area. There are no high speed action game play what so ever, in fact Sonic will be half walking half running the entire time. Sound: There are some good soundtrack but not really memorable ones. The sound effects are classic so not much comment here.

Sonic 3D blast gets old rather quickly and it hardly qualifies as either a 3D game or Sonic game. Apart from some repetitive enemies the environments are pretty empty and Sonic won’t really interact with anyone. The experience is very mediocre and I personally didn’t find the game all that interesting. I would say this game is a failed experiment.