What the holy dumb f@#% was SEGA and Sonic team thinking

User Rating: 1 | Sonic 3D Blast PC
The Run Down:
Once again this is Jerk here to deliver you from the evils of SEGA's bastard child Sonic teams garbage. I most the time would tell you about the story and the good the bad and the ugly. I cant do it with this game, I just cant. The failed attempt at a story was, Robotnic kidnaps these birds and uses their powers to do his bidding. Thats all I'm willing to say.

The Rant:
This game was so bad that it should have gotten a razzy or the worst game of 1997. I hate this game. I dont just dislike it I hate it. The game play was beyond horrible, there was no plot, the music made me have fits of vomiting, the graphics were a sad disturbing failure. I know they were taking their first stab at 3D but let me tell you that they failed miserably. This game is so bad that I would tell any one to never try it. F@$% you sonic team

Jerks absolution:
This game is crap, the story sucks balls, the graphics look like s@#%, there is 100% NO replay value to this game. In short this game is by far the second worst game of the 3D Sonic Series. Dont buy it, dont rent it. Its like the ugly old drunk chick at a bar, leave her were she lays and you wont go wrong. I gave it a 1 out of 10 but wanted to slap a -2 on it. F@$% you SEGA and F@$% Sonic team!