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User Rating: 7 | Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island GEN

Sonic 3d flickies island

Oh i remember this game. It was technicely the first 3d sonic game i played ( when i was 4 LOL)

Of course when i first played it i didnt know wut the hell i was doing

i guess i just ran and killed stuff

it was fun

and looking back at it its still a BLAST to play

about 5% of u got that

so lets talk about gameplay

its not really much of a change from teh classics

except from the fact that its isometric and u have 2 collect GOD DAMN BIRDS

but it does have some problems

see the flickies will fly away if u get hit

thats not really the problem... BUT THE F****ERS FLY AWAY IF THE CHAIN IS HIT AS WELL

but thats really it

the boss battles arent really that much of a deal

especially volcano valley where i can beat it in under 20 seconds

and the special stages? OMFG SO EASY

the graphics ( of course ) look AMASING 4 DA MEGADRIVE SYSTEM

the backgrounds look all colourfull and sonic like

and the character models look gr8 as well

the only thing i find odd is the ground texture

it just doesnt fit in this "3D" game

the sound is gr8 also

dont need explanation

its sanik LOL

and thats sonic 3d flickies island

its a good sanik geim

at least better than... some others i played at a friends house