Are you kidding me? CLASSIC old school arcade challenge! Once you figure it out it's addictive and just plain fun.

User Rating: 9 | Solomon's Key ARC
Awwwe MAN! Dude, they don't make games like this anymore, and after buying this I ended up on it for like an hour, and it just brought me back to when I was too young to figure it out. Great old school classic arcade game, that you gotta own if you like to have the classics. The difficulty curve is a bit steep, but like I said, when you figure it out, it's old school video game fun. Play it with your friends, and see who can beat the levels. The jist of it, is basically to get the key, unlock the door, destroy some monsters, and then get to the door, while avoiding all types of crazy obstacles. I love these old games that pull you in like this one does. I am surprised no one has reviewed it. I say give it a try! Why not? For 5 or 600 points you can't go wrong, that's what, like $5 or $6? If you were in an old school arcade, you might shell that out just playing for an hour.I know it was worth it for me.