A Puzzle Solving Game That Will Test Your Reflexes and Skills!

User Rating: 9 | Solomon's Key NES

As an accomplished video game player who likes playing, beating, and enjoying video games (and then reviewing them), I always try to keep an open mind, by being on the lookout for video games that I have never played or beaten before. On the Nintendo Switch, this video game caught my eye. As a magician named Dana, his job is to find the hidden key in every single room he explores, in order to open the door to the next room. But he has to be careful, because if he touches any enemy, or is hit by a stage hazard or enemy attack, he will lose a life! Thankfully, Dana can create and/or destroy blocks just by waving his magic wand, providing valuable protection, or a stepping stone to reach items that are far away! And by collecting enough fairies, Dana will gain a valuable extra life! The graphics, music, sound, and controls are pretty good by NES standards, and this video game will provide a challenge, even for seasoned veteran game players like myself! I highly recommend playing the version found through the Nintendo Switch Online Service, so you can make use of its handy rewind feature! Try this great puzzling game, and tackle the challenge for yourself if you like great puzzle video games! Enough said, true believers!