User Rating: 7.3 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix XBOX
DO NOT buy this game for the single player. It's not very good at all. The only thing that saves this game is XBox Live. Overall I have given this game a 7.4. However, I do wish to rate the offline and online play serparately. Offline this game is about a 4 or 5. It's very mindless and the level designs have only one path, but you can still get lost because there are many dead ends and doors that tell you that you can open them, but you can't. I played through the first two levels and I think I will stop there. The graphics aren't very good and neither are the sounds. The only fun part of the single player is blowing the limbs and heads off of the NPCs. Online this game is about an 8. It is pretty fun to play against humans. The graphics don't seem to be as bad and the objective type games are pretty decent. My only complaint is that it feels like you are walking too slow. Also, I have a bit of trouble finding servers, it seems there is some minor issue with this in the game. Overall I think Wolfenstein is better in most ways. I do like the fact that the multiplayer is a bit less complex and not dependent on the players on your team taking different roles. I kind of wish I could return this game and get it when the price drops to about $30, but I think I'll have some fun for awhile anyway.