Awesome fps with Violence and gore at its best.Definitely worth playing if you like slaughtering without limits.

User Rating: 9 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
Gamers who play fps will know for sure the Soldier of Fortune series.The first Soldier of Fortune that came out in 2000 made a good impression to every pc gamer.Its sequel definitely is worthy playing.Specially those who loved Soldier of Fortune 1(like me!!) will be totally contented by the second game of the series.
Graphics: 9/10
The game offers really good graphics.Npcs models are very well designed.When you shoot your opponents you can see their head rip off for example or you can totally dismember them(yikes!).Weapon models are pretty good too(except the ICWG weapon).Generally the outdoor and indoor enviroments are pretty well designed too.The explosions are realistic too so no complaints from the visual part of the game.

Sound 8/10
Weapon sounds are realistic and serve well their purpose.Also your enemies' screams when shot to death are very convincing.The speech just fits perfect in cinematics and in general sound is another good part of the game,

Game-play: 9/10
The plot of the game isn't something really interesting.It just advances the game so that the slaughter continues:).But in an fps game like that where you are supposed to kill your enemies at any means and ask questions later who cares so much about plot?Definitely the game is not boring and will keep you with its game-play.Enemies' A.I is very improved compared to the first game and that means that your mission will not be very easy.They cover each other in a very good way in most cases.Be careful for the grenades that your enemies throw because they are deadly!The game offers a very good multi-player too although not many play today:(.

So i recommend this game to anyone who loves fps and didn't have the chance to play it before.It's definitely worth a look even six years after its release.