Decent single player & multiplayer, but with many many flaws Real Score: 6.9

User Rating: 6.5 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
Gameplay: 6
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Value :7
Tilt: 7
The single player in Soldier of fortune II: Double Helix was a somewhat annoying adventure gun game. The single player wasn't hard, it was just very annoying and ridiculous. When you just killed about 20 people and walk down the hallway, searching for a health box, you are attacked out of no where. So the single player is definetly not a game that you would play more than once, However, in the single player there is another mode that lets you create your own scenario. You can choose if you want it to be a infiltration, assassination,escape,etc; you also choose the guns to be used and the level. So thats a additional fun bonus. However, the full version of S.O.F II multiplayer is the main part of the game. It has many levels and different opponents, but, S.O.F 2 online does not have many servers, so it is kind of hard to find a good or even a decent fun game. Also, more than half the online players are hacking, so it will be hard to kill but it is very easy to be killed. Anyway, it's easy to set up, you don't have to go on a website, sign up, etc. You put your desired nickname, choose your character, and you can start to play. This game has tons of weapons including the M60, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, M4, and much more. Furthermore, you can play many types of matches such as death match and capture the flag. Overall, if you want a decent online game with a okay but annoying single player, then get Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. You don't need a great video and graphics card to play this game, but I still don't highly recommend this game.