One of the Best FPS ever !

User Rating: 8 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix.
This is the second installment of the Soldier of Fortune Series,I gotta Say...this is one of the best First Person Shooter game ever...Activision deserves a standing ovation for this ! The game is pretty old, and when compared to newer FPS games, it still stands out.The character -John Mullins is very well depicted throughout the game, the intense gameplay and graphics gets the player addicted in no time.The violence and blood are quite realistic and the physics are pretty amazing as well.The environments such as the jungle,snow scapes and the city are awesome.the sound and music brings in more interest in the gamer,The storyline and gameplay are perfect.The learning curves need no time at all,The weapons are awesome and has that BANG effect on the opponents! man..the enemies are soo totally ripped apart !..u gotta play this game to get the actual fun..! the game does not put intense pressure on the gamers while playing unlike 'Crysis' ! at the end of the game u will feel really good that you played such a fantastic game, a time well spent in gaming....