Soldier of Fortune II Review By Imperial Figure

User Rating: 8.5 | Soldier of Fortune II: Gold PC
The single-player in the first soldier of fortune was perfect but the multi-player wasnt that great because i couldnt follow the speed of the multi-player, it was to fast.
The single-player in Soldier of Fortune II isn't that great as the first one but the multi-player is much better than the first one, the MP is fast but easy to follow.
I still play the multi-player because its an easy, quick to play game.

The multi-player in SOF2 is still one of the greatest together with COD4.
To bad that payback failed both in single-player and multi-player but Raven still made two classics, SOF=single-player and SOF2=multi-player.

What can i say more about soldier of fortune 2, like a said before the single-player isnt that great because it aint that innovative and stunning.
Mediocre movie scenes, uninteresting locations and it aint that violent as it was in the first SOF.

cool coloring, slick lighting but mediocre movie cut scenes.

SOUND = 8.0
Realistic bullet sound and atmospheric music/soundtrack.

Its highly addictive in multi-player, you will never putt down this game once you play.
Sometimes i had problems with .pk3 files but what the hell, there are enough servers so there's always room in online mode.