The merc game that rail roads you into a soap box

User Rating: 7 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
I loved the concept and still think its workable under a new formatt and a different title that you can be a mercenary and go around commiting mass murder in both the defense of your beloved country and the search for thrills and cold hard cash. Of course the idea is based loosely on the CIA as that is what they do, cruise the world killing things and making excuses, never mind thats off topic.

The game was plenty fun, the jungle hut fights and subway/sewer chases and fighting were all top knotch though graphicaly out of date. I would have played the game through till the end and loved it if it hadn't frozen on me for no reason. I search forums high and wide, contact the company who made it, I even bought a new computer though not just for the game and it froze not after set periods of gaming but at the same place in the game. I can't recall at this point in time where that was but it was definetely in a city somewhere on the east coast.

It was enjoyable and like I said the concept has potential.