A fast paced fps, i've played since '02' If you are quick on your feet, you will do just fine. MP FTW

User Rating: 10 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
One of those classic fps P.C games that has been said for over 4 years>
It would die, yet it still rides strong:
As of now Date/ wed. september 23rd 2009.

Still, we have traffic from all over the globe.
Yes, most are new, a lot of the old school players left to roam in other games- but they still drop by to say whats up and shoot off numerous clips.
And some still play active!

I have noticed
-due to the only games > i play online.

Soldier of Fortune 1 - 2 / Delta Force 2 / Delta Force:BHD

Still thrives to this day based on the year it was released.

SOF2 still owns all.
1st of its kind + to have as much gore detail, and still have a stable game engine to support both SP/MP and allow players to edit almost all of the games directory.

I can only compair this criteria to one game Counter Strike.
Oh, and we have a lean fuction aswell.
+unlike Cs

Brilliant Game- Buy it / Don't Download it.