One of my favorite shooters that still offers more then some of the newer shooters

User Rating: 7.5 | Soldier of Fortune II: Gold PC
Soldier of Fortune II: Gold


#1.The multiplayer is really fun

#2.A few really cool maps

#3.Many weapons to choose from.Throwing knives at people is awesome

#4.Some cool music and sounds

#5.Many game types to choose from.I like infiltration and capture the flag the most

#6.This game is all about gore.You can shoot someones arm,leg and even their head off

#7.It works on Windows Vista with no problem

#8.Great gameplay


#1.I didn't like single player.My review is based on multiplayer only

#2.All the characters look different but they really are all the same

#3.Some of the maps suck

#4.Graphics look old but it was released in 2002

#5.The bots on servers suck.Go to a server with no bots

#6.No voice chat.This game came out before voice chat was common

#7.You have to update punkbuster yourself.I know how to do this so send me a message if you don't know how

The Bottom Line -

Soldier of Fortune II: Gold was my favorite shooter for years and years.It is still in my top 5 favorite shooters

I have still not seen another shooter that has throwing knives.Many newer shooters could learn from the multiplayer gameplay in SOF2

This game compares to Counter Strike but I like SOF2 more

I definitely suggest you buy this game.Make sure you buy the gold edition when you do

The game costs around $20 used.I hope they put it on steam one day

Play infiltration and capture the flag and try all the maps out

My 2 cents