Not perfect, and perhaps a little too hard, but single player is damn good fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix PC
It's 2010 and I've finally played through SoF2. Picked it up out of a bargain bin (like nearly every other game I own) years ago because it's both cheaper in terms of game price and hardware needed to run (I stay moderately behind the h/w curve).

From the first shot of the rifle near the beginning of the game, I felt it had the most realistic weapon feel of any game I've ever played. The sound, the recoil, the ... experience. The rag doll physics and the GHOUL engine are extremely satisfying, too.

The graphics are still pretty good. Story line is not bad. A couple times I got stuck and had to consult a walk thru - and I would have loved a compass. Couple that with the fact that I played on novice mode with unlimited saves and a die hard gamer would probably laugh, but I must disclose that I play while drinking beers. ;-) (Hey, it sure adds to the fun).

I have not played with the generated missions, but they have been reviewed by others as a definite plus for your money.

I found a couple odd bugs, one that I wanted to pass on for sure. If you find yourself unable to load a save - and the game just hangs - you need to go to your SAVE folder and delete some of your save games. Sometimes I felt like the play control got me killed too often, but I'm pure run-n-gun, so consider a bit of patience (stealth is too strong of a word except for the one level at the beginning where it is absolutely required) when you become John Mullins, Soldier of Fortune for The Shop, where the pay is good, and the checks never bounce.