Soldat is one of the best games I have ever played! They got to get that game on nintendo ds, or psp somehow!

User Rating: 10 | Soldat PC
This game is just good ol' fashioned fun.your a guy with alot of weapons, blowing everybody away. The best thing about this game is, you can change whatever you want, anytime you want. if you want new guns, new maps, new characters, just change em up. Its the best thing ive ever got for free. Just download it and check it out.

The graphics are... How can I explain it? DS like. Soldat is a game that you would think should be on nintendo DS. Everything works together on screen. But the visuals while your in combat are amazing! Explosions and bullets flying everywhere! This is what makes the game a true experience. You can modify just about anything in the game you want. Theres a halo mod, a counterstrike mod, and even a Dragonball Z mod ( which is actually really fun!). Theres 1,000's of ways you can change the game up.

Gameplay is simply crazy! It gives you a true feel that your in a war. Theres a few different game modes, and all of them have their strong points. like CTF, Deathmatch, Infiltration, and a few others. All of them are crazy fun! Plus it has online play.

The Sound is perfect. just play it and see 4 yourself.

Now.., Go download it !!!!!!

Its free to download and play