With its superb hit detection & family like community . Its a standout title that you'll continue to play for years.

User Rating: 10 | SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
Almost 6 years later 750 people still play this title online which says alot about this game. Socom was big when it first came out boasting 20,000+ players a day logging into its servers. It has a family style community in which everyone knows and loves everyone except for a few. When asking players why they still play you come across the answer that it is highly addictive and an amazing third-person shooter.

Socom 1's easy to play style and excellent hit detection makes socomers everywhere squeal with joy as they play the BEST title in the entire series. While others in the series suffer from major lag problems, Socom 1 does not. Infact there has never been any lag whatsoever from day 1 up until now. The only flaw was zipper's inability to patch out cheat devices which lead to Socom 1's almost complete destruction, but Socom 1 survived and is still going strong to this day.

Socom 1 is one of the greatest games ever created. Easy to play and extremely addictive. I just love this game.

My socom name is and always will be Darkness_kills. With its new installment in confrontation. The Legend will continue.