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User Rating: 7 | SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike PSP
Tactical Strike offers the trappings of a stealth and action game with a healthy dose of strategy. But it has problems that occasionally disrupts the flow of the game.

You indirectly control a four-man unit which can be broken down into two groups. The game acts out like an RTS but it has elements of a shooter too. If you haven't played this kind of game before then the controls might get a little bit of time to get used to. But I gotta say, the control schematics fits perfectly in the PSP. Each face buttons are assigned to a specific command. Holding one down will gain you further commands related to that assigned button. From moving silently, providing suppressing fire, providing covering fire, securing hostages, taking out a target surgically - there's a lot that your four-man unit can do. Everything is mostly done by your unit automatically. You only have to move the chess pieces around.

And since this is a strategy game at its core, it certainly does let the game have its intense moment. Setting up an ambush has never been more gratifying. Seeing unaware enemies caught in a crossfire and falling down in no more than a second generally makes up for all the sneaking around. Although there's a huge advantage when doing things stealthily that doesn't mean the game is solely tailored to it. There are situations in which the only way is the hard way. For example - enemies are well behind cover and your in for a long drawn-out fight and it could go against your way unless you act quickly, so you could choose to go cover to cover or flank them to get a better line of fire. Or you could toss a grenade to get them running out from their hiding places which leaves them wide open like sitting ducks. There are few but effective and practical options to choose from. I mean, if you love or understand strategy games, you certainly get my point.

Add weapon customization and a leveling system and you could have a superb game but sadly in this case, NO. There are major issues that can be irritating at most times. There are times when your squad can take a long time to act when you already command them to attack a target just a few feet away. They're in position and good to fire and then they just stand there for a few seconds doing nothing. Next thing you'll knew that enemy with a machine gun razed your entire squad up close and personal. It's definitely true in higher difficulties.Then there's the problem with the camera angle and the move pointer when ordering a move command. It's bearable when not in an intense firefight but when you're in one it's awful especially if you need to move your team quickly out of harms way.

Tactical Strike has a decent amount of extra modes once you're finish with the campaign. You can replay a mission or choose instant action mode instead. Instant action consist of the same places you've unlock after finishing each mission. The difference is the objectives and the insertion points. It's pretty much standard like defend base, stealth only, search and destroy. You get to choose from two modes in each place. Infrastracture is out of the question nowadays but there's still ad-hoc multiplayer.

Story is plain save-the-day plot. Save some civilians here and there and apprehend targets of interest. It's not compelling.

Sound effects are done right. Not emphasized but not sloppy either. Background music is played when you're in an intense situation. You won't miss it when it's not there but it adds a sort of an intense effect when it's playing.

Despite the camera issue, minor issues here and there and a lack of a compelling story, Tactical Strike is a good game and might be worth a try if you love any of the elements that it is associated with - shooter, action, stealth, and strategy.