A really good atempt at a third-person action game on the PSP.

User Rating: 9.2 | SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo PSP
I will admit, this is the first SOCOM game I have ever owned. I bought it a while back and decided to do a review on it.

First off, this is an excellent game. The single player is a bit lacking and the political/realistic storyline does seem a bit overused do to all the tactical military games these past years. the graphics and sound are impressive for the PSP, although the draw distance is a bit short on longer levels.

The missions consist of taking out terrorists in South America, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Poland. But as every review says, you get SOCOM for online not for the campaign.

The multiplayer is excellent but is plagued by some flaws in the fairness of games. The learning curve for the controls are a little steep when against other people, but the intuative lock-on system becomes a second nature after a few games.

But in those few games you will notice some problems about the set-up of the weapons and players. The first problems I have are about the ranged explosives in the game. These things kill in one hit, and can shoot across the map. The infamous Burst Explosive on the M8 has five explosives and has a huge radius. But these are mostly shut-off in about 80 percent of online games.

Another online problem is that they dont make the sniper rifle, SMGs, and shotguns have any use against the powerhouse Assault Rifles. And that really annoys me, because using the same weapon over and over again can be annoying.

But overall, this is an excellent portable action game with good Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure modes, although its share of problems.