Socom 2 Offers Some Good Action And Stealth, Along With A Few Glitches. Ummmmm I Don't Know What To Put.

User Rating: 7.7 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
Socom 2 For PS2.

I Got This lent to me by a friend thats named Jimmy.

Gameplay : A perfect mixture of stealth, commando action and simply mass killing. You control a squad of Navy seals and can command each one of them individually, or as a whole. If you want your sniper to go atop a hill over looking an enemy camp for cover fire, no problem. Or if you want to just charge in you an do it. But the game is super hard, and takes a high amount of strategy and team work to win. The enemy AI is good, but very stupid at times. They'll often run into the sights of your Machine gun nest and foolishly attempt to kill you. Most of the time they'll try and flank you and use tactics to take out your team, but its not hard to outsmart them or simply pull out old painless and tear them up. Speaking of old painless there's a huge selection of guns and items you can equip before each mission. From heavy machine guns to pistols to rifles, its all here. You can customize each member of your teams weapons too. So if you want one to be heavy weapons, one sniper, a riflemen and a medic you can. Its really fun and well detailed. There are no vehicles you can use in the game which is disappointing, but forgivable. The game is so fun on foot you don't really need them.

Moving on, the game play is really great and very intense. There are many levels in the game and each full of tons of fighting, cut scenes and cool objectives. Its a solid, action packed commando game with loads of blood and Arnold movie-like combat.

Graphics : Nothing really stands out in this section, but overall they looks of the game aren't disappointing. Character models are great and have pretty good animations. The physics, though scarce, are nice and all the normal effects you'd expect are done well. Water, grass and other foliage is done very nicely and are well textured. Buildings have a small amount of polish and high resolution textures and particle effects are pretty high. Lighting is also good too. For a Ps2 game this is one of the best looking squad shooters so far, but there are many better looking games.

Sound : A very nice job was done here. Voice overs are excellent, and obviously done by professionals. The writing isn't too over the top and cheesy, most of the time its pretty good. But it does have its one-liner cheese ball moments. Weapon sound effects are very, very good. All the weapons sound like their real counterparts, explosions have never sounded better and at some points the battles get very epic. Defiantly one of the best parts of the games lies in this section. All the sounds are varied too, so you'll be able to make out an AK-47 in a battle with rifles and bazookas firing everywhere and grenades going off. Its great.

I can't say much without spoiling the entire story of the game, but I'll explain what I can. You're the leader of a fire team in the SEALS. You're objective is to investigate terrorist actions, rescue hostages, and more. The story is far more complicated but isn't a big part of the game. I would've liked for there to be more story in the game, but its fine the way it is. The story isn't epic or gripping, but its a welcome part of the game.

It'll last you a while, but with hardly any extras and no co-op mode probably not that long. The game is action packed though, and will make a solid addition to your game pile. And I heard on line is amazing too, so if you have that it'll last you longer.

This game is a great one to buy. Its lengthy, fun, and only costs around 30$ now I believe. Thats a great price for this game. Renting it is a good choice too, but you might want to buy it afterwards. It'll make a solid addition to your game collection. Either rent or buy, both are good choices. Well, I hope you enjoyed my review.