SOCOM2 under a close up being reviewed a by word.

User Rating: 10 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
SOCOM2 is a unique game with some excellent features.Firstly you must appreciate the uniqueness of it's realistic missions for example how the missions ,the mission objectives are so realistic.I think is one of the reasons why I kept playing endlessly.As for the graphics I believe that they are adequate for a playstasion2 game. I am a little bit disappointed that game contained 12 missions but then again some missions had a level of difficulty.
I strongly recommend it ,it is a challenging game which also show the true character of the U.S NAVY seals . The characters of the game are very believable and they carry out the exact orders with precision . SOCOM2 is a tactical shooter I think that the shooting aim can be improved a little bit . Furthermore there is a limited choice of weapons. all in all I enjoyed and so will you. Congratulation to SONY and Zipper interactive.