"The game that keeps on giving"

User Rating: 9.5 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
It's time to give the respect and honor to the best shooter out there. Real Socom fans are very hard to please, everything has to be a certain way and a certain feel and if something does not feel right we all complain. Out of all of the Socom game franchise this is the one that holds the best in all areas. For some reason this title has the same excellent look like Socom 1 had. I mean the character itself. How the character moves, switches weapons, runs, jumps, reacts is the way we like to see. In future series of the game the charaters did not have the flow, movement , and graphics like the older series. This is one of the positive looks to this game. The single player experience had an excellent look and feel to it. The introduction of multiple Special Forces International gave it a step up in making this series a true A+ for the fans. The improved selection of use with the controller lets us the consumer know that the developer actually listened to the fans to make this game much better. Developers need to listen to their fans to make the experience a better one, which will make us continue to purchase in the long run. The online experience is the best one out there. This is one of the games that will make you want to PLAY until you learn the entire maps, every square inch of every map, to be a better player. Playing online and getting good at it requires a first timer to play the single player to get used to the controls first in order to suceed to go to the next level which is the online live mode. Once the player gets into the feel of how the game is played it will engross you completely. Not many games out there can compare to this one. The development team at Zipper did a job I wish all game developers could learn from, an outstanding job. The online maps are the best in the series with some older ones added from the first.