when i say highly addictive i mean highly addictive multiplayer ive probaly spent 8654 hours playing socom 1 and 2

User Rating: 9.3 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
First whatever I say trust me ive played socom for 3 and a half years single player is pretty good they could have improved on it like detail good like terrourists will talk to each other and move around so its different every time there is loads of gunz to choose from but here is whats really cool in socom 1 some terrourist will actually go to the washroom i mean who would think of that so over all singleplayer is pretty good

If you have online buy this game now multi player is awesome its just i cant evan tell you how good it is it uses single player maps from socom 1 and 2 but smaller and a bit different there is about 300,000 people that play socom 2 online today each person has there own rank and stats and the mission include extracting hostages, escorting V.I.P.s, killing the whole othere team, blowing up bases, and seal breaching and destroying terrourist targets. theres PMN mines to Rocket launchers theres automatic pistols to rapid fire shotguns you can make a clan and build it up adding more and more rosters at the moment the top clan is Desert Glory Masters and top player is #C{} 'K'G'B' who is in DGM. there is glitches you cant imagine theres gunz you wouldn't believe BUY THIS GAME!!! NOW!!!