For anyone that likes online shooters this is the definit way to go.

User Rating: 9.4 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
This game can be described as one of the best on-line shooters ever. The reason is because there's just so much to do and it never gets boring at all and when i say that i mean it. Another reason is because of the on-line options are great such as the all known friends list and clan options and auto play feature. One more thing if you have this game and played it forever then you know how great this game is.

The game-play is just so great from the challenging story line and the very intense and great on-line modes. the story is of course to save the world from terrorist who try do do all of these terrorising things. The game is based around stealth and does a really good job at making the stealth very enjoyable especially when you do each mission and get 100%. Though i said before this game is based around stealth but on the on-line you don't need to be stealthy but its a good idea because you can get picked off really easily because people on-line like to snipe and sit back or re-con everywhere and then gets you but you can play it the way you want to. The on-line modes are very well done because its what you would want in the game. The on-line modes are the regular Suppression,Demolition,Escort,Breach,and Extraction. All of these are great to play but more people on-line prefer Suppression which is just a team death match.

The Graphics are pretty good but when you look at other games you can say that that game looks better than So-com 2 but im not saying the graphics are bad it just fits the game which is pretty good. There are some really impressive graphic effects like when you see explosives go off and especially when you see rockets fly in the air.

The sound is very very impressive because the talent that goes into the games audio is very well done and yes it fits the game very well. The gun sounds are also very good to hear because every gun has a specific sound so you can hear some one shoot there gun and know were there at or snipe them if they have a really strong gun so what im saying is the sound is very well done.

This game is probably $20 now because So-com 3 is out but who cares start by playing So-com 2 because the more you play So-com in general the better you get at any shooter trust me.

There were only a few things wrong with this game but who cares this game is just a really big thrill ride.