This is still my fav. game ever on the Playstation!!!

User Rating: 10 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
This game took away half of my teenage life :). When this game was release back in late of 2003 I was really excited to play it, since the 1st socom did pretty good. I still play this game and I dont care what any1 says how old it is, yes its 7 years into it but still this was and is still the only game that keeps me coming back for more. 1st off the single player campaign was really good, and very challenging which a lot of games are missing today in the industry. You were able to call and command your seal team through your headset through single player to do things, which I thought at that time was so cool and so different and creative back in the day, and still till this day I haven't found a military game that allows you to use your headset to command your team through the campaign. And most of all the online play, which by far till this day also that I feel like there is no other game comes close to it hands down. What made the online so cool was the fact that you had lobbies and briefing rooms, which in the briefing rooms and you sit there and text chat with random people or your friends, or in the lobbies where every1 can sit there and talk through the headset and text chat which was pretty cool. Another thing that was good about this game was the fact that the lobbies had different rank type of rooms, which also in today video game industry is missing since every1 wants to put level's into there game which I'm tired of in online games. But this feature was pretty cool at the time, you had enlisted rank, captains only, Lt. commander, and then you had your regular briefing rooms, which was a lot. There were rooms from East lobbies, down to West, Canada lobbies, Central it was all there. Another good thing about this game that made it stand out in my option was the Clans, and clan war lobbies which was really fun and made it challenging going up against other clans, now today I dont see no games that have that, maybe the newer socom's (confrontation) has it but its crap and doesn't come close to socom 2's clan and the clan game lobbies. But the most part what made this game fun online to play was the people, the community. I made some pretty good friends over the years playing this game it was like a second family you coming home (on) too, its sad socom lost it's touch with that, and thats really the most part I will always miss about this game was the people, good times, funny times, sad times, angry times was all worth it with the people on this game. And I can't forget about the maps, we had 22 freaking maps which I cant found in games today, and they were challenging and would give you a rush through your body to play the modes. God I miss this game. Thanks for the good times Zipper, its sad you guys took a big step back with how you destroyed a classic game on the PLAYSTATION PERIOD.