Socom II have a nice multiplayer and campaign.

User Rating: 10 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
This game is simple awesome.

There are only 12 missions on the campaign, but it doesn't matter because they are very intense, fun, and full of action, some times irritant because the missions don't have checkpoints, but you get another motive to play extra carefully.

The multiplayer is pretty good too, it's fun, intense, it's just hard to describe only with words, because the only things I can say is : Socom II multiplayer rules!

About graphics, I still think Socom graphics are better when playing, the cut-scenes graphics, are not so good like the in-game graphics, but i thing that's not a problem of Socom II.

About the sound effects, Socom II have good sound effects, you could feel like in a battlefield, realistic sound effects are one step to make a good game.

The controls are a good point too, they are perfect and easy to familiarize, and if you have trouble with the controls, you just need to choose other control settings.

Other good points are the unlockables :

*The weapons : Oh, the weapons! My favorite part of the game, and favorite of some other people too. Depending of in what difficulty you beat the game you can unlock a class of weapons (Seals, Terrorists, SAS, Spetsnaz, MGL e OICW

*Multiplayer Characters : The character you can unlock beating a certain chapter (Albania, Brazil, Algeria, Russia) in a certain difficulty to unlock new multiplayer characters.

*Soundtracks : These ones are one the Extras option on main menu, you can unlock certain soundtracks beating the game on Lieutenant (about 75% of all musics) and Captain (about 25% of all musics)

*Design of the game : You can unlock a movie of the design of the game beating the game on Admiral.

This game is really good, if you have played only another Socom series game, if you are a Socom fan, and if you are a fan of 3rd person-view shooters you need to play this game.