Instant fan of the series.

User Rating: 9 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
first note:Well in this game it really improves your skills of headshots, tactical, and HEADSHOTS.I rally of good aim and can beat all my friends in all games now.

*Gameplay:This game keeps the right feeling and everythings was great.Guns, story missions, levels.ALL.-9.0

*Sound:Nice gun sounds,screaming,blood splatter, it's all so explosive.But some sounds sound sorta recycled.Also my favorite sound part the walking.To sneak around walking slow is quiet then running is louder,sounds really good.-8.8

*Multiplayer/Online:This was probably the PS2's best online game.No lag.All great fun and levels.Also the cross Com.Which is were you can talk to your teammates and eneimies.also used in single player to talk to the computer controled teamates.Like once I said ''HI'' and they would really reply with a "HEY".-10.0

*Graphics:When I firast saw the picture and detail I new it was a PS3.but then I remembered I didnt have one.The characters have extreme detail in the face arms legs and all movement.-9.1

*Controls:I wont lie when playing this game it seems fun to just move the character how you move it fast and he runs and the movement and weay he does it look cool and realistic.NICENICE controls.Not really any custimizablitiy but perfect how they are.-8.7

Why Beat all the game?To unlock all the guns and characters for online play.Definattly worth beating.Without beating you wouldnt unlock the grenade revolver or the OCIW.Which is a grenade MG.

Whith out online is it worth it?Totally i had this for atleast a year without online and played all the time.

Last note:One of my favorite games and best imsirpring because it just made me thing about all the special forces and how real and fun and cool it all was.