with Playstation Networks being down, SOCOM 4 MP looks sad, while singleplayer is a mixed bag

User Rating: 7 | SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs PS3
I don't have the baggage of past SOCOMs so I didn't have any expectations of how the game should play or look like. Being primarily a PC gamer when it comes to everything but racing games, SOCOM 4 looked promising but eventually delivered a mediocre experience. Sadly, my favorite third-person tactical squad shooter remains that old Freedom Fighters game.

In short:
- gameplay (singleplayer): 7/10
- difficulty: severely unbalanced -- some missions are easy on the hardest difficulty and some are a way too difficult on the easiest
- length: the singleplayer campaign appears longer than it is due to the game arbitrarily killing you off and consequently numerous repeats to beat a mission
- mechanics/movement/smoothness: 7/10
- graphics: 6/10 (suprisingly aged graphics)
- audio: 8/10
- presentation: 7.5/10
- weapons/weapons customization: 7.5/10
- AI: your side 8/10; enemy side 6.5/10
- modes: standard 7.5/10; stealth 5/10 (tedious, boring stealth that depends on luck and persistence)
- some way too complex actions that should be simple -- like healing
- tactical direction: 8.5 (nice and easy)
- multiplayer: 1/10 -- the MP is actually much better than a *1* , but Playstation Network reliability is close to zero -- at this time, for example, Sony announced a day or two of down time for unknown reasons. There is also a sense that the developer overestimated the number of online players able to play without any problems.

Overall, SOCOM 4 is not an instant classic by any means. The firefights are enjoyable and tactics ability is there. However, the game itself (singleplayer) has not much of a replay value. For some reason, there is nothing there to really hold your excitement and attention. The stealth modality is badly implemented denying you often the *god-given* right to shoot your silenced weapons and remain undetected. Anyways, it's an OK game, and most likely the MP (when available) offers much better experience. Maybe, rent it first if you are not 100% into SOCOM series. Overall score: 6.9/10.