yeah i gave this game a 9.0 dont like it too bad Socom 4 is a great game i own it the multi-player maps are awesome too

User Rating: 9 | SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs PS3
SOCOM 4 VS CALL OF DUTY VS BATTLEFIELD 3 SOCOM 4 WINS great multiplayer maps return of some old Socom 1 and 2 maps like Abandon,Ruins and Bitter Jungle how about characters Spectre and Jester returns on the terrorist side the yellow coat fisherman from Frostfire and the chef guy from maps like Death Trap,Blood Lake i really hope these maps make a return.if its not Call of Duty or Battlefield it seems like Socom isnt even in their league got news for you at least Socom 4 is different and its not the same boring crap Activision puts out Socom 4 Life.Zipper needs to offer more old school maps you reading this Zipper bring back Blood Lake,Death Trap,Desert Glory with the jets flying over head,Frostfire,Rats Nest and Characters from Socom 1 and 2.Socom 4 is a solid game play its different and its not the same crap Call of Poop