Well , this is not a Socom Game

User Rating: 7 | SOCOM: Special Forces PS3

I was disappointed with this game considering that i will have a socom game in PS3 with better graphics and all the characteristics the preview socom games had with some developments of course.

But this is another game, so you have to see it as a tactical war game which has nothing to do with socom games.

Even so i can't believe that for missions like that you can't have night vision or thermal vision googles, ha ha ha.

Also not having the statistics for each mission, (like in socom) you lose the enthusiasm of replay the mission to get better scores.

I haven't played the game a lot except once that i finished the story mission so it will come another review soon

My opinion here is only for the single player mode. I would rate it between 7-8

and i agree as many others here say that they tried to put CoD characteristics in the game (Which i am not fan)