Third person shooter that packs a punch with less online lag than Socom 2.

User Rating: 8.6 | SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs (Greatest Hits) PS2

Socom 3 is a good multiplayer game with lots of strategy and many ways to play (Suppression, Convoy, etc...). The single player mode is not as fun but in order to unlock some of the better weapons and equipment it must be completed. The ranking system is still a mystery to me and probably everyone that has played this game online. Also, the lag is much better in this game than in Socom 2 but it is still sub-par compared to other online games.


The graphics are pretty good in this game from the detail of each of the guns to the different maps.


The music is good and the sounds effects are pretty good. When playing online I highly recommend a surround sound system because its 10 times better.


This game can get addicting pretty quick but sometimes games, with 32 campers, can be painful if you die quickly.