Sakura Snow is a very heartfelt,romance-comedy-drama in visual novel form.

User Rating: 9.5 | Yuki Zakura PC
Sakura Snow is a very heartfelt and fulfilling romance,comedy,drama,eroge.

You'll play as a male character named 'Yuuji' who's an average highschool student who moves to a new town because his parents have gone to hawaii for a business trip.He starts going to a new school,meets a bunch of friends(including some cute girls)and the story plays out much like a comedy-drama and romance and sex come into the story later.I guess you could say your friends are like the typical highschool students because they're worried about exams,helping eachother with projects,some of the girls have a snoddy attitude towards the other girls and you have a goofy,male friend named 'Sumi ' who's a bit of a pervert and he has crazily tall hair and is so over-confident towards everything it's hilarious.The story also has love triangles and spriritual myths about a tree known as the 'Snow Sakura' and if a guy confesses his love to a girl under the Snow Sakura,their love will last forever.

It's hard to explain why I love the story for Snow Sakura so much,I guess it's a blend of how the characters are down to earth characters who go though problems that we can relate to such as highschool exams,getting the person you have a crush on to like you or finding a way to express your feelings to a girl who you like and combine that with some characters who are very funny and add a touch of spirituality,you'll have a nice story.

I did laugh quite often when I played Snow Sakura.It made me laugh when I saw how much of a jerk Yuuji's father is because Yuuji's father would send occasional videoes to Yuuji letting Yuuji know how things are in Hawaii and...


Yuuji's father gave obvious hints that him and Yuuji's mother were cheating on eachother and they didn't care because they were happy in tropical Hawaii and not stuck in cold Japan and Yuuki's father would be lazily laying on outdoor furniture at the beach and acted as if he didn't care he was far away from Yuuji and told Yuuji that him and Yuuji's mother planned to stay in Hawaii for another 3 years! Later on when Yuuji's father sent Yuuji more videoes,he sent copies of the same video to Yuuji's cousin(who lives with Yuuji)and Yuuji's uncle(who also lives with Yuuji)so when they watch those videoes,Yuuji will see them to because Yuuji's father wanted to annoy Yuuji!


Sumi's pervertedness,overconfidence and dimwittedness is very funny.One of the characters in your group of friends is actually your beautiful but clumsy history teacher named 'Miss Misato' who's the older sister of one of your friends from the group and she's also a romance/sexual possibility.I think it's funny how she's so clutsy and constantly breaks things and mentions how much money the things she breaks will cost to replace.

The story can be heartbreaking at times and certain things threaten to tear friendships apart and the story builds up the suspense as to whether a friendship will survive or the romance between Yuuji and the girl he chooses to be with will survive.The story will change a little bit depending on which girl you choose to be with which means a different experience and different problems with those girls.For example,I choose to be with a certain girl(I wont say her name)and she grew up in a rich family and she had never tried fried rice before because her parents thought it was food for poor people and she eventually decides to go and study overseas and Yuuji goes years without seeing her and this is an example of how deep just one story possibility can be.

The story can have a few twists and certain characters can surprise you such as how an innocent,sweet girl can plan something naughty but clever or how certain characters can become mature quickly how certain characters can be smarter and more helpful than they look.

There is 5 girls from which you can choose one girl to be with.I like how the girls have diverse personalities,upbringings and interests.Like I've mentioned before,one of the girls you can choose to be with is a clumsy teacher(which is for guys who fantasize about older women),one of them is the rich girl,one of them is the cute,innocent type,one of them is the bad-tempered,bossy type and one of them is the nerdy type.

Roughly into the second half of Snow Sakura,a girl will become your girlfriend and the girl who becomes your girlfriend will will depend on decisions you make for the first 1/2 of Snow Sakura.Certain decisions you make will either impress or disappoint certain girls or it will create story elements that bring Yuuji and a certain girl together.I think the girl who you make the most amount of favorable decisions for is the girl who'll become your girlfriend.When a girl becomes your girlfriend,she will have sex with you and some of the sex scenes are very high hardcore style sex scenes,so this is definately a title for older gamers.

However,the sex scenes don't occur until you're a few hours into Snow Sakura and there's a few erotic/hardcore sexual moments between you and your girlfriend,but for the most part,Snow Sakura focuses on delivering a deep and heart felt story and only a small part of Snow Sakura focuses on sex.

Snow Sakura takes between 5-10 hours to playthrough one time but because there's 5 different girls you can be with and being with different girls changes the story a lot,there's incentive to play through Snow Sakura again and you could spend over 20 hours playing it which is quite long for a visual novel.

The graphics for the game are beautiful.The way the town looks when it's covered with snow is beautiful.The artstyle for the graphics are lovely.There's some beautiful hand drawn scenes for story moments that look very beautiful and artistic.The girls look cute and Sumi's crazy,tall hair and goofy smile suits his personality.Snow sakura(the tree)looks very beautiful when it blossoms and when it has no leaves on it because it provides a very spiritual feel.The sex scenes show very erotic/hardcore sexual positions in a very stimulating way but the sex scenes go well with the story.I like how the visuals make you feel like you're a real school student because you wake up in the same bed every morning and often your cousin will hit you to make you wake up(which is represented by a colorful,anime style scene)and you'll catch the train to school everyday and will see the interior of the train and your friends inside it.

The music suits the atmosphere of the little town covered in lots of beautiful snow and I actually had the music in my head for a while after I stopped playing the game.The music for the emotional or sexual scenes suits those moments well and the music for the Snow Sakura has a nice spiritual feel to it.

Overall,Snow Sakura is a wonderful experience in many ways and if you're a fan of anime or comedy-drama or romance-comedy,you should check it out.