A little short, but a lot of fun...Peanuts characters done very well.

User Rating: 7.4 | Snoopy vs. the Red Baron PSP
I really enjoyed playing this game. The aerial combat is terrific and well thought-out. The difficulty level could use a little adjustment... it leans more on the easy side (perhaps for the younger target audience). My one complaint is that there are no collisions - smashing into something will damage your health, but there should be harsher penalties for bad flying. The Campaign missions are fun and remain fun even when replaying in case you have to go back to collect missing items. There are things to unlock such as special weapons, improvements for Snoopy's plane, and various Peanuts characters and their individual planes. These unlocked characters can be used in the Dogfighting mode. Because of the short campaign, I might recommend renting as opposed to buying although I have found it to be perfect for short pick-up-and-play bursts.