Could have been something but snowmobiles arent good for putting in games.

User Rating: 5 | Sno-Cross Championship Racing DC
This is probobly the most unpopular game Ive ever seen lol. But every games gota have a review so heres its first. I dont think snowmobiles are a good idea for video games. There not that popular. Quads and dirtbikes would be better. But anyway heres my review of Sno Cross for the Dreamcast.

Graphics-Not that good. For its year they should have been alot better. They look very similar to old PS games. Very boxy figures, you know , not smooth. 2/5

Story- There is no story. You basicly race snowmobiles for cash and trophies. Spend the cash on parts and better snowmobiles. Thats about it.2.5

Gameplay- This is probably the only factor keeping this game above a 4.
Its kinda fun to race other snowmobiles but very difficult. Its hard to win any races past the first few. Although hitting jumps is pretty fun. You can do tricks off these jumps for extra cash in races or points in stunt runs. Last theres a track editor mode. Its kinda cool being able to make you own tracks with jumps and ice but theres not enough to it.3/5

Sound- Its ok sound. God knows what the music is but it fits the game. The snowmobiles sound ok and the effects sound good. 3/5
Improvements- This game could have been better if theyed up the graphics a bit and mad better gameplay. Its a hard game with not much to do in it.

Overall- Its definatly not worth buying. But its also not worth hate ing. Id reccomend renting or borrowing it, that is if you can find it. So if you dont own a copy allredy ur pretty much screwed on finding it. Game stores dont sell it and video stores dont have Dreamcast games anymore. SO this games basicly lost forever. Total 10/20. DIvide 10 by 2 and theres you score 5.

Thanks for reading my review on Sno Cross for the Dreamcast.