stuck in level "knife in the dark"

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#1 mzah
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i m on single player act III level named "knife in the dark" i m at the part where me and diaz climb a bunch of stairs and he orders me to clear a bunch of guys, first one on the porch, then the sniper then everyone is allerted and we "engage" after the area is cleared of hostiles, diaz says "cocky SOB" to me :) and we go downstairs, and stop in front of a door. the game tells me to "press f to open door". and i do. instead of opening the door, the screen immediately changes to "press f to jump down" where there was never a space to jump down to. the character drops down to an unreacheble section of the map and game fails in 4 seconds becuse "i have left the mission area" anyone has a fix / workaround to this?? it happens no matter what i do :S