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If I'm given the option to swap my piece of junk bolt action for an automatic Dragunov then I should still have said Dragunov after the cut scene especially if it's the same mission. And what the hell happened to grenades,c4, throwing knives and claymores? You'd think that part 2 of a game would suggest some level of improvement on part 1, but alas, no. Perhaps someone should inform the nice people at City Interactive that it takes more than using a different engine to make a better game. And just so they don't feel singled out, this particular phenomenon of limited pleasure is not endemic to their "Creative department". Every game no matter how good it is has a "WHAT THE!!??" factor in there somewhere that makes people ask..... "Have these people even met a gamer? Had a conversation with one? Tried to ascertain what the likes and dislikes of the people who pay for their way of life actually are?" This is after all entertainment and we are the audience, so, entertain me dammit! This stuff's expensive. Talk about a SNAFUTARFUBOHICAFUBARSUSFU.