Rivals other games like Snail's Pace 4: A Mollusk's Tale, and Coat 2: The Drying of the Paint.

User Rating: 5 | Sniper Elite PS2
It continues to boggle the mind as to why the concept of sitting alone in a desolate environment, waiting an eternity for someone's melon to conveniently park itself in your gun sight, would make a great game.

Sniping is a lonely, monotonous and tedious enterprise in real life. In a virtual environment, it really can't be recreated effectively and still retain a sense of fun.

Despite this inevitable fact, game manufacturer's persistently cater to those insistent on vicariously living this fantasy. It is not fun. It is not enjoyable. It is, in fact, excruciatingly dull.

There is no challenge in sniping in game worlds. It is an artificial and utterly unsatisfactory experience. This game exemplifies that. There is no need for for speed, reflexes, puzzle solving or actual skill. There is no demand for any of these aspects of gaming. So why is it so popular?

Again, the mind boggles.

Here are some titles that you may enjoy, if this kind of game appeals to you:

Snail's Pace 4: A Mollusk Tale
Coat 2: The Drying of the Paint
Coral: Eternal Growth
Rip Van Winkle: The Slumber Years.

Avoid this game, unless you need to catch up on your sleep.