Almost perfect

User Rating: 9.5 | Sniper Elite PC
Sniper Elite, I wasn't very enthusiastic about this game when it was first released, i tought it would be just another WWII shooter.

When i played the demo i found that this was really amazing.

The game is set in WWII but it's no way a CoD/MoH/BiA clone, It has stealth, but it's not MG/SC clone, it has open scenarios, but is not a GTA clone, Sniper Elite succeeds just because it doesn't try to be like other games.

The gameplay mixes stealth, sniping with a great balance of action, you missions aren't just about killing, in some missions you must carry wounded people from one point to another, plant explosives, inflitrate enemy bases, etc.

The best thing about this game is trying to ambush your enemy, lure them into your sights and take the perfect shot, the sniping mechanics are realistic.

Tha bad thing about this game are its graphics, they are in no way a benchmark, but some landmarks of Berlin were modelled very well and look amazing, but the rest of the game is quite monotonous.

Another problem is the enemy AI, sometimes they can kill you using a heavy machine gun, from a very long distance withe the accuracy of an expert sniper, that's really annoying and keeps the game from being perfect.

If you're looking for a real stealth action game pick this one, you won't regret it.