This game ROCKS!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Sniper Elite PS2
This game is amazing on so many levels. I'm a huge FPS shooter fan, but Sniper Elite blew me away with this 3rd person shooter offering. Since the first time I played this game I have loved it and immediately added it to my collection. The missions are super-intense and the level of depth and strategy is unmatched by any other game out there. I love run-and-gun gameplay and blowing things up, but Sniper Elite is a whole new bag of tricks. This game requires stealth, keen observation, and patience. The game does have it's share of running and gunning, but the majority of the game focuses on being a silent sniper. The techniques I have learned in this game have actually made me better at the Sniper classes in Call of Duty 4 and other FPS games that I play. I highly recomend this game to any and all shooter fans. Bring on Sniper Elite 2!