Sniper Inept

User Rating: 1.5 | Sniper Elite WII
Let me cut it down to the nitty gritty ; the game is awful for the following reasons :

The control is unresponsive and wobbly no matter how much you try to tweak.
The graphics look worse than the previous versions ; jagged, blurry, geometric and washed out.
The audio is a repetitive sound byte that never ceases. All I herd was the same screams, gun and explosions for as long as I played this awful game. The sound is static and gargled through out.

I thought for certain that since this game was coming out on the Wii that it would be better than the previous versions but I was totally wrong.

The enemies come out of nowhere [like the other versions]which would be ok but to move around to shoot them is almost impossible due to the terrible control scheme.

It seems this game was an incomplete , rushed port for the holidays. I think the software engineers for this game must have been smoking something bad through the rifle.
It really surprises me that how a formerly decent game could be ported to a current generation console and turn out worse!!!

Even with the light gun/rifle, controlling the sniper was next to impossible.
That is why I call this game Sniper Inept.

Do not buy this game on the Wii. I would recommend the other versions over this [ PC, PS2]

One of the worst games I ever played. After a few hours of agony ,I traded it in at Gamestop.