It's one of a kind and an instant cult-classic. Simply put, if you can't appreciate a shooter like this, it's your loss.

User Rating: 9 | Sniper Elite PS2
After thinking about how I'd review Sniper Elite, I simply came up with this: The closing comments from IGN's review with added commentary in parentheses from yours truly. Without further ado...

If you're a big fan of tagging enemies with sniper bullets (And who isn't?) and watching your calculated handiwork culminate in a gore-filled, slow motion replay, (I'm telling you, this is sweet! I'm talking outright sniper-porn, here... You'll see) then you'll definitely enjoy Sniper Elite (duh). The game is basically all sniping, since most close range combat is awkward and ineffective (Lie! It's actually a really good third-person shooter and controls nicely). At times you'll be frustrated by how accurate enemy seem to be (Gotta admit it... True dat) or how often you're caught by surprise, despite your best scouting efforts, by groups of foes triggered (literally) by certain events (You mean things don't always go EXACTLY as planned, like, oh... I don't know... REAL LIFE?!!). You'll have to be able to put up with reloading your game multiple times, (like every other stealth game ever known to man) but you'll be rewarded with a deep sniping system and large array of combat options, such as protecting your sniping spot with tripwire grenades (I had a love/hate relationship with these things. Half of my deaths were while deploying them). If you have a friend nearby (I don't), definitely grab them to try this game out, it's way more exciting with two people (like most things ;) nyuk! nyuk!), especially because you can revive. Though Sniper Elite doesn't do anything revolutionary (Heeellloooo! McFly!!! Bullet Cam?!!), it's a fun game greatly aided by its expanded gameplay options.

Look, folks. If gaming is your thing and you love to shoot stuff that is further away than the end of your bed, this one's for you. It WILL make you cuss a few times and a few of the missions are a snore-fest, but when you draw a bead and squeeze a round on a roof sniper that has been totally molesting you and that "bullet cam" goes off, letting you savor his gory, justified, untimely doom... Well... Boy howdy is it one of the best feelings I've ever had playing a video game. Heck! That's worth two review points, alone! Of course the experience goes deeper than that, but I'll let others get into those details. Anyway, I just loved this one and wonder why it's gotten such tepid reviews. Find it. Buy it. Play it. Pray for a sequel. Recommended.