If your up for a co-op game your seach is over..

User Rating: 8.8 | Sniper Elite XBOX
This game sucks! well for the 1 player mode..
I mean it get boring and you feel sleepy at times like i did.
but when i played co-op with my sister who is like on 6 years old..
it was really cool!!!
She had exprience from the halo2 game and Far Cry Instinct..
It was really cool..
Like i said if you need a good co-op game outside Halo and other FPS game..
this is your game!!
the way of the sniper,....
Its really nice what they have to the "bullet vision" thing..
Although the graphics was somewhat ps2 version , the level were really designed nicely...It does feel like ur actualy fighting in WWII ...
I suggest you play this game the co-op way...
oohh yeah u need sharp eyes! hahaha..