I wish there were more sniper games out there. This is by the far the best of the bunch that do exist. Give it a go.

User Rating: 7 | Sniper Elite PC
The only thing I did not like was that it is a 3rd person. Can't stand that. But I loved the rest of the game. Especially the awesome head shots. There really needs to be more games of this genre as the rest of them (i.e. marine sharpshooter, path of vengeance, art of victory, etc) are either horribly done or just plain too buggy.
Multi player was not all that great, but only because there aren't many people who play the game. Also some of the tasks were just plain too hard too cope with as You have to switch between 3rd and first person view. Too much of that switching takes Your focus away. I have not noticed many bad bugs in it. And once again I just love the view of those bullets heading for the guys head. Could have made a great video compilation, but alas as always I forgot. Give it try.